About us

Our clinic

The location of our medical office has been carefully selected to represent a different approach to medical services. Our clinic is located within a renovated floor-office in the centre of Nicosia, at Alitheia Building (26 Pindarou street). Close to our office, there is a variety of physicians with different specialties like orthopedics, gynecologists and general surgeons with whom we often collaborate. You may also find several pharmacies and medical laboratories which serve the needs of our patients.

Our clinic has been supplied with modern furniture and medical equipment which altogether create a modern medical office to manage our patients with care and comfort. In total, there are 6 rooms available in MedCare Clinic which house our doctors, nurse and medical equipment.

Our logo

The logo of MedCare Clinic has been created by PARTNERS VMLY&R Communication agency. The logo shows the 3 main components of blood: white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells. The new simple sketch created by these cells, looks like a human body with various colors and tones, which represent the different management of each patient.

We really hope that our medical experiences in Cyprus and abroad, will help us to approach your needs with care and through our knowledge to gain your support.

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